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Tantric Healing and Massage

Sexual traumas can affect every aspect of life, your freedom to enjoy touch and affect your marriage. The owner of the spa has been trained to unblock sexual blockages allowing healing to take place.


Sexual trauma is not only caused through rape or abuse; often words from a unhealthy break-up, angry and resentful ex lovers or jealousy can harm us and cause us pain. With this pain comes mental and physical blockages that inhibit our everyday enjoyment of life.


Through various breathing techniques, touching and massaging techniques as well as unravelling the mindset, blockages are removed and your life can change forever.


An 2 -  8 session life journey that takes you down a path of restoring your inner balance, aligning your chakras, removing negative energies and replacing with positive life, getting to the root of all trauma and allowing you to let go, unblocking the past hurt and most of all changing your current, old fashioned mindset. 


Most sessions are done fully clothed, however 2 of the sessions are unclothed due to the nature of the healing that takes place. You are in a safe environment at all times and your comfort is taken into consideration before embarking on this healing path.