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  Tantric Healing, Training and Massage

The owner of Sensual Hands has extensively studied the art of energy awakening massage, chakra balancing and alignment, life force energies and is also a qualified Reiki healer.  

Each masseur working at the spa offers a variety of sessions, each one specializing in their trained field.


We take pride in making your experience life changing should it be through connecting to the universe, shifting energies or healing, it's all about you. 


We cater for male and female clients and training is offered to couples and individuals.


The venue is bespoke, kept clinically clean, and negative energies are removed on a constant basis to ensure that your visit to us remains focused on positive life forces. 


Fees quoted  are exchanged strictly for time, healing and/energy renewal only.

 No fees quoted, negotiated, or collected have any implication regarding sexual conduct. 


Please refrain from asking the masseurs for any extras in the room.

We do not offer oral or full house as this is not the nature of our business.